Antipasti & Insalate

INSALATA CESARE                    6                  

Salad of romaine lettuce tossed in

classic Caesar dressing with toasted

Ciabatta croutons, bacon and Parmigiano  

Add 4oz grilled chicken for $5.00

INSALATA CAPRINO                   10

Mesclun salad topped with warm grilled

vegetables, cherry tomatoes and soft goat

cheese tossed with a balsamic and sundried

tomato dressing  

Add 4oz grilled chicken or salmon $5.00

INSALATA VERDE                     5

Mixed greens with homemade balsamic

and extra virgin olive oil dressing

INSALATA ALLA GRECIA               8

Romaine salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives and crumbled feta in an oregano and red wine vinegar dressing                           

BOCCONCINI & POMODORO              9

Ripe tomatoes with bocconcini cheese, fresh

basil and a dash of balsamic vinegar and extra

virgin olive oil

CAPRESE DI BUFALA                 14

Ripe tomatoes and fresh basil served with fresh

buffalo mozzarella cheese imported from Italy

CLAMS CASINO                       9

Stuffed clams on a half shell with herbed garlic


ZUPPA DEL GIORNO                   5

Homemade soup of the day 


Fried Havarti cheese and jalapeno stuffed 

agnolloti served with a sour cream herb dip


A traditional Abruzze cheese baked and served with garlic crostini and ripe tomatoes


BRUSCHETTA                         5

Fresh tomato, garlic and basil topped crostini

Add mozzarella cheese for $1.00 

ANTIPASTO BARBARA                 14

Italian cured meats, cheeses, olives and 

marinated vegetables to serve two

COZZE CLASSICO                     9

Fresh P.E.I mussels steamed with garlic, fresh tomatoes and white wine


Grilled calamari with tomato concasse, basil and black kalamata olives served on crostini

CALAMARI FRITTI                    9 

Calamari seasoned and floured served with cocktail sauce

FRUTTI DI MARE PER DUE            22

Seafood platter for two featuring shrimps, 

calamari, scallops and clam strips lightly fried